Hope for Loredana

DSC 1892Our battle with cancer began in late 2012. After Loredana showed symptoms of mastitis, an X-ray exam indicated a tumor formation in the right breast. A biopsy (January 2013) confirmed our worst fears: ductal carcinoma in situ.

Our hope to treat the tumor with herbal, vegetarian, etc. remedies ended in failure, and probably contributed to the evolution of the disease, given that we are dealing here with an aggressive and atypical form (there was no pain in the early stages).

Then, starting in fall 2014 the tumor was treated with chemotherapy. Our hope was that, after a few sessions, surgery would be possible. Just as we were raising our hopes that we could defeat the disease, Loredana showed some new worrying symptoms. The results of the brain MRI exam (which we received on December 19th) were devastating: there were several secondary lesions (metastases) in the brain. Consequently, neoadjuvant chemotherapy was discontinued and replaced with palliative chemotherapy; radiotherapy and hormone therapy were also used.

Since we were determined to fight to the last breath, we – along with the doctors – hoped that if we managed to contain the growth of the brain tumors, it would be possible to perform the breast surgery so as to remove the source of the cancer cells.

After some initial encouraging news (the seven tumors in the brain seemed to have stagnated or shrunk after 10 radiotherapy sessions), we’ve just received another blow: Loredana’s health has started to worsen again, new symptoms indicating that something else is wrong with her body.

Even though the Romanian doctors seem hopeless in the face of the rapidly evolving disease, we are determined to fight to the end. We are doing it for the sake of our two little girls (3 and 5 years old, respectively) who need both their parents. We’ve ended up seeing some hope – our last – abroad. With God's help and your support, we will fight to keep this last hope alive.

So God help us!

                                                                 Loredana Nita

                                                                 Adrian Nita

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